Ioneel, the steel made - electricity eel. Cannot mutate.

Ioneel (pronounced Ion Eel) is a monster In monster ranch, can be found In league wild 2A (Left to the starting area), It's not common to find. It's very dangerous to fight because Its Iron Headbutt is very strong, also can sleep your monsters and killing them one by one. Basic moves don't really work on It. But If you succeed taming It, Ioneel can be a great early asset for your team, sleeping foe monsters, good damage dealer, and has an advantage over early monsters because many early area monsters only know basic moves. It is Electricity and Steel element.


It has a high DEF. It has an almost high ATK. It has an okay HP and Its INT is roughly half of Its DEF. It has an extremely low SPD that makes Ioneel slow. It's recommended to focus Increasing points to Its SPD. Please note that Ioneel's attribute changes when distributing points to any of Its stats.


Ioneel doesn't have a Breeding Rule.